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Season Four

The Tutors by Erica Lipez

The Access Theater, May 18-May 26, 2012

by Erica Lipez

Directed by Laura Braza



Dana Berger 

Ted Caine 

Tommy Heleringer

Ruy Iskandar

Michael Schantz


Set Design: Julia Noulin-Merat

Costume Design: Travis Chinick

Lighting Design: Dave Upton

Sound Design: Colleen Toole

Props Design: Lauren Genutis



Time of Your Life by William Saroyan

Grand Connelly Theater, February 10-February 25, 2012

by William Saroyan

directed by Laura Braza



Teddy Alvaro

Seth Andrew Bridges

Haley Bond

Rocky Bostick

Ted Caine

Mary Christopher

Anthony Comis

Alexandra Dickson

Kyle Eberlein

Benjamin Fisher

Ryan Garbayo

Rachel Garis

Chris Gebauer

Monica Hammond

Joshua Everett Johnson

Kevin Jones

Brad Makarowski

Kate Manfre

Henry Packer

Matt Palmer

Geoffrey Parrish

Lauren Shannon


Set Design: Julia Noulin-Merat

Costume Design: Emily Rosenberg

Lighting Design: Ben Pilat

Sound Design: Colleen Toole



"The Attic Theater Company's production is appreciative of the play... you get The Time of Your Life, and that's a lot."

-Let's Talk Off-Broadway

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