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Season Five

The Mnemonist of Dutchess County by Josh Koenigsberg

"Laura Savia directs briskly and the ensemble's timing is precise."

-Curtain Up

The Beckett Theater, February 8-March 2, 2013

by Josh Koenigsberg

directed by Laura Savia



Aaron Costa-Ganis

Ava Eisenson

Jessica Varley

Henry Vick

Brit Whittle


Set Design: Julia Noulin-Merat

Costume Design: Travis Chinick

Lighting Design: Dave Upton

Sound Design: Stowe Nelson

Props Design: Kelly Kuykendall



The Notebook of Trigorin by Tennessee Williams

"Laura Braza's well paced and intelligent direction makes it easy to sit through."

-Lighting and Sound America

The Flea Theater, May 3-May 18, 2013

by Tennessee Williams

Directed by Laura Braza


Ted Caine

Meredith Forlenza

Charise Greene

Jeremy Lawrence

Allen McCullough

Henry Packer

Renee Petrofes

Nick Ritacco

Will Sarratt

Michael Schantz

Liz Tancredi

Amelia Pedlow


Set Design: Julia Noulin-Merat

Costume Design: Michael Krass

Lighting Design: Libby Jensen

Sound Design: Colleen Toole

Props Design: Jazmine Harper-Davis



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