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Our intern program is designed to give our interns the tools to produce theater on their own.  When accepted, interns become an integral part of our company, and learn every aspect of producing theater, including:


  • Fundraising

  • Marketing

  • Collaboration

  • Creative input

  • Build professional relationships

  • Develop new work


All interns are given the opportunity to utilize and reinforce their new skills in our intern "Dark Night" production, which is a night of intern-produced theatre at the culmination of the internship.  This is a largely self-directed piece of work, where Attic members act as mentors throughout the process of producing this evening, and help promote the performance to our industry contacts, artists and community.  


The Attic is a small theater company and thus interns are given a great deal of responsibility, maximizing their opportunity to learn. While interning for The Attic you will be a representative of the company interacting with artists and audience. The Attic is dedicated to providing a positive experience for emerging artists looking for an outlet to experience creating off-Broadway theater.  



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