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“With its blend of realism, melodrama, and dark comedy, The Attic Theater Company gets back to the bread and butter of good old-fashioned theatrical naturalism....Ambitious choices like post-Katrina apocalyptic comedy and Chekhov fanfiction penned by Tennessee Williams offer new perspectives on the American experience that are by turns timely and classic.”


The Attic Theater Company stages relevant but underproduced American works that tell stories of brave people at a crossroads between individuality and society.  By taking these plays down from the Attic, dusting them off, and revitalizing them, we forge relationships with audience and artists that exemplify the values inherent in these stories - fortitude, hope, generosity, and humor - modeling them in the way we do business and share our work.  

"This energetic young company draws in top New York talent and produces untapped classics and new works that scream of the American experience. The Attic’s character-driven, large cast plays create fabulous opportunities for actors, and audiences enjoy clever staging of some of the country’s best (and least produced) plays."

Laura Braza
Artistic Director

Ted Caine
Executive Director

Noelle Franco
Company Manager

Monica Hammond
Marketing Director


Based on the play LILIOM by Hungarian master Ferenc Molnár (which inspired Rodgers and Hammerstein's Carousel), JERICHO by award-winning screenwriter and playwright Michael Weller, revolves around the love affair between a scoundrel carousel barker and a maid at a Catholic Young Women's Inn. His confused violent passion and her simple unshakable devotion, form the combustible heart of this dark fairytale for grown-ups. Staying true to Molnár's marginal Budapest, Weller sets JERICHO at Coney Island during the Great Depression of the 1930s; a place and time when work was scarce, and life was a matter of desperate survival.

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